the complete list of 2021 contributors!
Chloé Allyn (she/her)
is a literary artist and the Editor in Chief of Bastard's. Her work revels in the natural world and celebrates the every day euphoria of life. She hopes that she can help her friends and fellow creatives feel fulfilled and succeed.
Appleton, Wisconsin - Sagittarius/Capricorn - website - IG

Morgan Adler
lives and paints full time in Savannah. Her gestural and luminescent spaces include emptiness, eerie phenomena, and limitations. She is interested in depictions of spectacular & apocalyptic scenes throughout history and literature. Intrigued by the metaphor and stability of a horizon line, she paints to explore the potential of multiple horizons.
Savannah, Georgia - website - IG

Marissa Andrews (she/they)
is a lesbian transgender exMormon witch, dancer, and fetish model based out of spooky Savannah. Currently seeking ancient and forbidden knowledge about body transmogrification to fulfill an oath made to the Moon. Author, punk, idiot.
Savannah, Georgia - Taurus sun/moon, Virgo asc; Aries mer./venus, Cancer mars - IG

Jordan Brown (he/him)
spent his childhood wondering what was supposed to happen, then he found drugs and spent his twenties wondering when it would be over. Sober now and in his thirties, he lives with a bonded pair of shelter cats. “How easy to slip / into the old mode, how hard to / cling firmly to the advance” - W.C. Williams.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Libra :/ - IG
Nickolas Butler
is an internationally bestselling and prizewinning writer who hoards baseball cards, books, vinyl records, wine, black and white panoramic photographs of bygone strangers, comic books, Midwestern art, rocks, animal skulls, feathers, beer-bottle caps, postage stamps, letters, and matchboxes.  He would like to begin collecting taxidermy, but there is the sense that life is short and his children have zero interest in his obsessions.
Cleghorn, Wisconsin - Libra (I don't buy into that stuff) - website - IG

Katey Ceccarelli
is a writer, editor, and recovering raver. When she isn't writing, she spends her time analyzing the sociocultural implications of 2000s era media and the British reality dating show Love Island. She is mother to two senior rescue animals, Zoey the cat and Lonnie the dog.
Atlanta, GA - Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, Libra asc - website - IG

Zymbul Fkara (they/them)
is a writer, poet, and humorist with a bachelorette of the arts. They've been published in Occasus Literary Journal and The Regis. When they're not writing poems by daylight and winning love also by daylight, they're preparing their next EP "Flex With Benefits" as the pseudonym R. Flex.
Toronto, Canada - Check the Flex

Jade Gaynor (she/vi/they)
is proud of the universe, but also sometimes mad. Influences include Elizabeth Bishop, Never Angeline Nørth, her own issues, and the call of mourning doves when you're amongst trees with no people nearby.
Stolen Muscogee Land north of Atlanta, Georgia - Aquarius  Libra  Scorpio ↑ - IG - Twitter

Doran Hickey (he/him)
is from a long line of subversive folks who like to make their voices heard. He resides in Atlanta and can tell you in detail about a lot of historical aspects of the city. He likes to woodwork and piss off comfortable WASPs just as much as he digs fruit and art that resonates with the viewer.
Atlanta, Georgia - Sagittarius - IG

Emi Higashiyama
was gifted three Horrible Histories books in fifth grade and that launched a lifelong obsession with history: the more obscure and useless the better. Meet her in person and be ready to avoid eye contact and start backing away slowly to escape the trivia monologues!
Taichung, Taiwan --> to Savannah, Georgia & Rome, Italy - writing IG - creative IG

Billy Hintz (he/him)
is a photographer who focuses on documenting mundanity with the goal of organizing every-day scenes and objects into satisfying images within rectangular frames. He finds particular interest in triangles, conifers and otherwise seasonally/circumstantially leafless trees, asphalt lines, groups of three, the views between houses.
Appleton, Wisconsin - IG

Tori Hong (any pronouns)
requests that we "continue working in tandem with Black and global communities to rip existing systems to shreds. :-) I've mostly been organizing in the realm of support for Myanmar during their military coup + people's revolution, I just say keep an eye on them + support in ways you're able."
Minneapolis, Mni Sóta Maḳoce - website - IG

Collin Kirk (he him)
is an urban farm worker, aspiring DJ, and Chicago queer networker. He adores music, cheese, and bourbon.
Chicago, Illinois - Pisces, Virgo, Virgo - website

Lynnea Lee (she/her)
is a HMoob biracial educator, creative, and life-long learner. Some of her inspirations are community, nature, and bright colors. She believes everyone is an artist and that change is possible through collaboration and love.
Appleton, Wisconsin - Aquarius - IG

Sergio Lima
is a first generation chilangringo whose writing is heavily influenced by rock and roll, Rainer Maria Rilke, irony, Langston Hughes, class warfare, Emily Dickinson, the Pacific ocean, Frank O'Hara, the people and places of Mexico City, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire of Southern California, Octavio Paz, nosy, entitled, anonymous "white" women who ask him what his “heritage” is, Lucille Clifton, hiking, Seamus Heaney, psychoanalysis, Shakespeare, and hip-hop. During the pandemic, Sergio did his best to teach high school English to a sea of blank screens. When he wasn't teaching or sick with COVID, he went for mountain drives, cycled the San Gabriel River Trail, enjoyed natural wine, watched Seinfeld from the beginning, re-read Albert Camus's The Plague, watched almost every Avengers movie made with his two daughters, remembered all the fun he and his wife had together before COVID, and otherwise did what he could to manage the heightened dread and angst of the pandemic.
Long Beach, California - IG

Alexis Marshall
is still alive, somehow. He spent the summer of 2020 in a rehab facility, where he wrote his latest poetry collection ‘It Rains in My Book: Forty Poems From Rehab’. He is the founder of End of the Mountain Press. He keeps writing.

John R. Nance Jr. (he/him)
Wisconsin - Leo - IG

Eddie Perrote
Brooklyn, New York - website - IG

Cailey Tervo (they/she)
Cat is an illustrator and future ghost residing in the Midwest. Their work is bright, loud, and colorful, and occasionally so are they. Cat spent most of their 2020 making art, getting lost in Atlanta, and putting off an emotional breakdown. 
Peoria, Illinois - Aries - website - IG

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